Safe Summer Activities For Seniors

by | Jul 7, 2022


Safe Summer Activities For Seniors, Cherished Companions

Safe and fun activities senior citizens can look forward to this summer

Warmer temperatures are so inviting. With summer upon us, now is the time to make senior-friendly plans for the next few months. After all, it would be a shame to put all that sunshine and fresh air to waste. At the same time, families and their aging loved ones must take precautions to avoid extreme heat and other conditions that can put a damper on what should be fun times.

If you’re short on ideas, check out the following activities that will engage, entertain and create great memories.

Plan a movie date

For a little film therapy during the sun’s peak hours, catch a matinee at the local movie theater and cool off inside an air-conditioned theater. It will give everyone a chance to catch the latest summer blockbuster on the big screen. Plus, movies can help individuals with mild dementia symptoms find an escape and unwind.

If there are limitations and you can’t make it out to the theater, set up a special day by popping fresh popcorn and streaming something at home. Or, go all out and have a mini-movie marathon featuring your loved one’s favorite classic films.

Go out for a cold treat

Summer would not be the same without frozen treats. Timed properly, you can both avoid the extreme heat and the crowds while savoring a scoop of ice cream or another cold treat from your favorite ice cream shop.

If your loved one has dietary restrictions, there are plenty of places that scoop and serve health-conscious choices that are delicious and refreshing.

Conquer the day, outside

Get outside and enjoy the sun, but pick the appropriate time of day to do so. Sunlight is a great way to boost vitamin D levels, which are beneficial to people with bone issues, anxiety and depression. Sunlight also plays a role in boosting the immune system and improving brain health. Even if you’re only able to soak in the sun for a short amount of time, it will be time well spent.

Whether it’s for bird watching, going for a short walk, taking in the sunrise or hitting the road to a nearby town or city, getting out and about should be a priority this summer.

Make a fresh meal

This time of the year, there are plenty of fresh and healthy foods at local outdoor markets and grocery stores. Cook a fresh and nutritious meal with your loved one. By making a healthy meal together, you and your loved one can also bond and experience a little kitchen therapy. Cooking may provide your loved one with a creative outlet and can give them a sense of purpose. Bon appétit!

Make a craft

Health professionals recommend crafts as a senior-friendly activity for many reasons. When seniors turn their attention to a craft project, they can unlock an outlet to express emotion and engage their motor skills. Projects can boost confidence, improve concentration skills and are a lot of fun because they are a no-pressure activity that allows for mistakes and experimentation.

After completing a craft, many creators find themselves filled with pride in their accomplishments and artistic choices.

Read a good book

Curling up with a book often triggers good memories of past summers and can take readers on an adventure without going far.

To make reading extra special, head out to a park or other scenic background with a page-turner by your side. While reading solo is always fun, it can also be an opportunity for socialization if joining a book club or you and your loved one decide to read the same title at the same time. Alternatively, audiobooks and books with large print also accomplish the same things.

Safe Summer Activities For Seniors, Cherished Companions

These are just a few ideas to inspire you to build out your summer itinerary with safe and engaging activities and events. Don’t let the summer heat create roadblocks. With a little planning and creativity, every summer day can be an opportunity to do something fun and memorable.

For further questions, to request resources, or to inquire about having your loved one utilize our services, contact Cherished Companions today on our website or call (440) 484-5390.


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