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At Cherished Companions, we understand that sometimes you need extra help when it comes to taking care of a loved one. That’s why we offer hospital discharge care – so you can rest easy knowing your loved one is in good hands after a hospitalization. We’re here to help with everything from transportation to medication reminders, ambulation assist, hygiene and much more.

When it comes to taking care of your loved ones, your family deserves the best. That’s why families trust Cherished Companions for hospital discharge care. So, you can rest easy knowing your loved one is in good hands while they are recovering at home.

If you’re looking for quality, compassionate care, look no further than Cherished Companions. We offer in-home care services that are tailored to your loved one’s specific needs, ensuring they get the best possible treatment. Contact us today to learn more!

  • Our aides are experienced in post-hospital care and can help ensure a smooth transition home
  • We provide comprehensive assistance in planning, ensuring all your needs are met
  • Our care is tailored to you, and we will work with you and your family to create a plan that meets your specific needs
  • We offer both short-term and long-term care, so you can choose options that best suits your needs

Peace of Mind For Families

We make it easy to ensure that your loved one receives quality, compassionate care, even if you don’t live nearby. Live-in care gives you peace of mind with personalized care plans in the comfort of home.

How to Get Started

Contact us for a free in-home assessment, or give us a call at 440-484-5390.
Receive a customized care program and 24 hour care plan.
Meet your specially chosen caregiver and stay in touch through our care team and platform.

Our Caregivers Come From Diverse Backgrounds

“My experience began with taking care of my own family members. This passion led me to Cherished Companions. I love working with my clients and getting to know their loved ones. I feel rewarded knowing that I can make a difference in my clients’ lives”
-Beverly, Cherished Companion since 2012

Hospital Discharge Care, Cherished Companions

Why Choose Cherished Companions?

“Cherished Companions has made this new phase in our lives much easier. They have given us the support we needed to remain at home.”

- Lois and Edna, retired couple

“They are a very personal and caring company. Their caregivers are so warm, like they are part of the family.”

- Linda, a beloved long-term client

"I am forever grateful for the service Cherished Companions provides. They gave our family peace of mind because we knew dad was safe and being well cared for. They made what seemed impossible at the time, possible."

- Paula, daughter of a retired U.S. Veteran

Home care with heart

You’re not in this alone. We are here to support your needs and provide resources.

Hospital Discharge Care, Cherished Companions

Guide to Home Care

We know that your loved one’s heart is at home. Remaining independent may have become a little challenging, and that’s where home care can help. In this guide, we are going to share with you the complete ins and outs of home care.

Hospital Discharge Care, Cherished Companions

Ways to Pay For Home Care

We understand you may have questions about how to pay for In home care Cleveland. This helpful guide covers the various financial options you have that can include long-term care insurance, reverse mortgages, home care loans, Medicaid and Medicare programs.

Hospital Discharge Care, Cherished Companions

Guide to Becoming a Caregiver

Caregiving is a rewarding profession that provides assistance and support to aging adults, disabled persons or those in recovery who are in need of physical, practical, emotional and sometimes medical assistance. This guide can help you discover if caregiving is right for you.

Did You Know?

The Cherished Companions Institute has been involved with studies on dementia to help develop tools to aid with the difficulties of Alzheimers.


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Hospital Discharge Care, Cherished Companions
Hospital Discharge Care, Cherished Companions
Hospital Discharge Care, Cherished Companions