Gift guide for aging men in your life


Gift guide for aging men in your life, Cherished Companions

This holiday season you may be struggling to decide what to get your aging father or grandfather. For some, the process can be notoriously difficult to find the perfect gift for these important men. 

Don’t fret though because we have put together a list of slam-dunk gift ideas that will be sure to bring a smile to their face. 

For the sports lover

Does dad love to watch the big games on weekends? Or, maybe he played sports for most of his life and just misses the game a little? Then he’s sure to enjoy some of the following sports-themed gifts.

Tickets to the ball game – Whether it’s professional or college sports, a ticket to the big game (if they are able to attend) is a great opportunity to get out and enjoy some athletic performances. Your loved one will light up in your company as well if you can go with him. The sporting event may also give rise to memories of his more active years in a positive way. Spend time at the game talking about some of his favorite sports events over the years. 

Magazine subscription – Does dad or grandpa enjoy reading? Then consider ordering him a magazine subscription, even if it’s a digital version. They can swipe through articles about their favorite sports and watch high-quality videos if it is digital. There may be certain websites that focus just on coverage of his favorite team, so also consider a subscription to that. 

A new tablet to watch sports on – If your loved one is tech savvy, splurge a little and get him a fancy tablet of his own. He can catch highlights from anywhere in the home and download apps that put a fresh perspective on the sports he enjoys. You can also connect TV services to the tablet so he will never miss any of the action. 

Spend quality time

Sometimes, it’s not about a physical gift and more about just connecting with him. In fact, you may find this to be the best gift to offer him. So, consider these quality time options. 

Their favorite meal out – Some of life’s greatest gifts go unwrapped, like a breakfast, lunch or dinner date. Offer to take your dad or grandpa to their favorite food spot. Plan to spend extra time just chatting over the meal and get a cup of coffee after to extend the time. If going out isn’t an option, consider picking the food up and bringing it to him, or having it delivered. 

Cook him a meal – Ask about his favorite dinner memories and try to recreate that cherished time through food. He will love having a personal chef around for the day and it’s a great way to spend one-on-one time. Talk about the flavors and how it could even be improved next time. 

Go on a trip – Depending on the distance, the family can venture to dad’s childhood home or favorite place, like a museum or park. If going out isn’t an option, consider bringing a computer or tablet with you to visit him and scroll through pictures of places he has been or would like to see and share comments about it. 

Take a walk – A 15- to 20-minute stroll around the neighborhood, if they are able to, will be invigorating and joyful. Make it a regular thing by telling him you plan to come by once a month to do the same thing in order to catch up and spend time with together.  

Make things easier

He may appreciate some practical gifts that simply make life a little easier. Consider these options for that situation. 

A new phone – Maybe he needs to step into modern times with a new phone that has special features and lets him see and hear audio a little better. Depending how savvy he is when it comes to technology, it may even open new doors for communication that he didn’t have before. Plan on spending some time with him to explain how the new phone works, which will allow for more bonding on top of it. 

Magnifying glass – For something low-tech, a well-crafted magnifying glass can assist him with everyday tasks around the house. Poor eyesight may be something he regularly struggles with and if you know that, providing an option that would help him in his day-to-day life might be well received. There might even be some creative uses that you didn’t even imagine where the magnifying glass would come in handy. 

Tech support – Maybe your loved one already has the gadgets he wants, but he simply needs a little help figuring out how to best use them. That could be planning to spend time helping him navigate his computer or phone. If he needs more in-depth help, you could even help him schedule some trips to the Apple store, or other tech support locations, for tutorials, or help him download software he has always wanted. Don’t forget to help him install and learn communications apps like Zoom or Facetime also, which can help him keep connected with his pals and family members. 

House cleaning help – If he is still living on his own without outside help and doesn’t have the benefit of having someone to assist clean up around the house, consider a gift card for cleaning services. Or, depending on how much you are willing to spend, agree to take on the monthly payment for house cleaning services. As an alternative, if you have time, consider taking that job on yourself. With a little help around the house, your parent can feel good about tidying things up and creating extra room for a new project or just living a little more clutter-free. It’s also a stress reliever because they won’t have to worry about safety issues while cleaning. Plus, he’ll save some much-deserved time and get more relaxation. 

At Cherished Companions, our caregivers take the holidays seriously and would be happy to assist with delivering or brainstorming any possible gift ideas for your loved one. 

For further questions, to request resources, or to inquire about having your loved one utilize our services, contact Cherished Companions today on our website or call (440) 484-5390!

+ Bonus Caregiver Questions To Ask Before You Choose An Agency

Gift guide for aging men in your life, Cherished CompanionsAs you prepare to interview care agencies, take a look at the agency’s website to learn basic information about the types of care provided, specific services available, and payment options. You can expand on these topics with additional questions during the interview. Keep these tips in mind during the research process:

  • Get recommendations. Talk to healthcare professionals in the field, your mom or dad’s doctor, and any friends or family members you know who have worked with a home care agency previously. Ask them which agencies they have had the best experience with and find out what they think about each provider you plan to contact. Look online for reviews and ratings. Do they have a lot of reviews?  Look for independent review sites that have verified reviews such as and look for agencies that have awards. See if they are accredited through the BBB and if they have an A+ rating.
  • Check references. The agency should supply a list of references such as health agencies, rehabilitation facilities, social workers and other providers they have worked with. Call these references and ask them whether they regularly refer patients to the agency and what sort of feedback they have heard from clients.
  • Consider the agency’s technology innovation. Does the agency have an online portal where you can view care plans and communicate with caregivers? Do they respond to communication quickly? Can you access information about your loved one via mobile? These are all useful ways to stay informed about your mom or dad’s care.
  • Understand their process. Will you have the opportunity to interview caregivers? What happens if the caregiver isn’t a good fit? Will the same caregiver serve your loved one at each visit? How does the agency provide accountability for quality of service?

Download Your Guide

We understand the importance of finding the right caregiver for your family member. The questions included in this guide will help make this process as straightforward and informative as possible.

Give your mom or dad the gift of independence at home with quality, compassionate in-home care.

Download your guide.


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