6 healthy New Year’s resolutions seniors can get excited about

by | Dec 23, 2021

6 healthy New Year’s resolutions seniors can get excited about, Cherished CompanionsLike the dawn of a new day, 2024 presents seniors with a chance at a fresh start, an opportunity to seize the moment and set the tone for an exciting and active new year.

Health has surely been on the mind of everyone over the last few years and moving forward it should be the same. This is why it is the perfect time to start thinking about how to make healthy lifestyle changes. Seniors should consider some of these health-related ideas as resolutions.

New exercise regime

If you’re already physically active, good for you. But as the new year approaches, it’s wise to think of ways to step up or kick-start your workout regime. Even if it’s just 10 minutes a day, your commitment to your physical health will work wonders for your body and mind.

Aging is a process everyone undergoes. Passive aging without exercise, however, is a choice. Instead, focus on doing at least 10 minutes of exercise each day, then build upon that and add more minutes as you progress. This new habit of healthy living will carry over into other aspects of life, improving the way you feel inside and out. Remember, movement is your friend.

Experts say that seniors should aim for about 150 minutes a week of physical activity for the best results. Remember to start small then gradually build up endurance. Track your progress to check in on how far you’ve come. Before long, your body and mind will thank you.

Exercise your brain too

Exercising your body will have positive effects on your mood, but that’s not enough to satisfy your brain’s needs. It needs special attention too.

New learning will engage your cognitive capabilities, keeping your brain sharp and in good practice. Regular “brain exercise” can hold back cognitive decline and memory loss.

So, what are some ways to work out the brain? Try playing a new game that will push and challenge your thinking. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, chess, learning a new language, card games and writing poetry are just a few examples of some brain-building activities you might enjoy. The perfect hobby is one that melts time away and lets you increase the levels of difficulty for optimal results and a happy brain.

And remember, unlike the body, it’s OK to gear up your brain activity into overdrive. Your extra effort will pay off.

Time travel to a favorite pastime

Is there an activity you loved but put away in your personal vault? Maybe 2022 is the year your old hobby makes a comeback. Revisiting and engaging in an old pastime is an opportunity to both resurrect a favorite activity and share it with others.

If you enjoyed knitting or painting, for example, try reengaging in this activity with a loved one. This two-for-one lets you rediscover the love of a hobby while introducing it to the next generation. It can galvanize your relationship with a loved one and relight your passion and zest for something you learned a while ago.

Maybe you thought you’d never open your vault of former hobbies again, but what better time to do so than as a new year approaches? Here’s something else to think about: The advantage is that once you shake off the rust, you might be pleasantly surprised by how well you pick it back up. And you will also impress your activity partner with your skill at the same time. This pastime will also stimulate the mind.

Give back through volunteerism

Your life experience is an asset to yourself and others. As the new year approaches, think about ways to give back. It’ll benefit you and the lives of the individuals around you.

Not many feelings can compare with giving back to others and your community. Of course, you will also feel accomplished and fill your heart with the warmth of giving. Volunteering will also boost your confidence as you add a new mission in your life. As you connect with others, you’ll also notice an improvement to your mental well-being. You’ll smile a little more and bask in the sunlight of volunteerism.

Entering a new year is an excellent time to find an organization or cause to make a contribution to. Your donated time and effort will be a community asset and make it a better place to live.

Reconnect with an old friend

Along with the health concerns, the pandemic is also a strain on mental health and relationships, but 2022 could be different.

As conditions improve, the new year may be a perfect reason to reach out to an old friend in person. Or, if you’re active on social media, it might be easier than you think to say hello to an old buddy. Rekindling a past relationship will enrich your social life and give you something to look forward to — two very healthy things that will carry over into other areas of your life.

So go ahead and use 2022 to knock on the digital door and see if your old friend will answer. They might be thinking the same thing. If so, it’ll be a breeze picking up where you last left off. Nothing can beat some good social time with a friend.

Tame that sweet tooth

OK, stick with us on this one. Unlike any other time of the year, the holidays seemingly bring out the sweet tooth monster within us. It’s so easy to overindulge and gobble up every sweet around.

After you get it out of your system and eat your fair share of holiday treats though, think about making healthier decisions when it comes to desserts. These delicious, but unhealthy, foods can easily lead to weight gain and other health issues you rather not deal with. From chronic illness to high blood pressure, overeating sweets will not do you any favors in 2022.

So reimagine your diet and introduce healthier sweet foods, like fruit or even dark chocolate. These alternatives will settle your desire for sweets and help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

So as the new year draws near, think about the new you because it’s well within reach.

At Cherished Companions, our caregivers take health seriously and would be happy to assist with any suggestions you may have for staying active and eating better.

For further questions, to request resources, or to inquire about having your loved one utilize our services, contact Cherished Companions today on our website or call (440) 484-5390!

+ Bonus Caregiver Questions To Ask Before You Choose An Agency


6 healthy New Year’s resolutions seniors can get excited about, Cherished CompanionsAs you prepare to interview care agencies, take a look at the agency’s website to learn basic information about the types of care provided, specific services available, and payment options. You can expand on these topics with additional questions during the interview. Keep these tips in mind during the research process:


  • Get recommendations. Talk to healthcare professionals in the field, your mom or dad’s doctor, and any friends or family members you know who have worked with a home care agency previously. Ask them which agencies they have had the best experience with and find out what they think about each provider you plan to contact. Look online for reviews and ratings. Do they have a lot of reviews?  Look for independent review sites that have verified reviews such as bestofhomecare.com and look for agencies that have awards. See if they are accredited through the BBB and if they have an A+ rating.
  • Check references. The agency should supply a list of references such as health agencies, rehabilitation facilities, social workers and other providers they have worked with. Call these references and ask them whether they regularly refer patients to the agency and what sort of feedback they have heard from clients.
  • Consider the agency’s technology innovation. Does the agency have an online portal where you can view care plans and communicate with caregivers? Do they respond to communication quickly? Can you access information about your loved one via mobile? These are all useful ways to stay informed about your mom or dad’s care.
  • Understand their process. Will you have the opportunity to interview caregivers? What happens if the caregiver isn’t a good fit? Will the same caregiver serve your loved one at each visit? How does the agency provide accountability for quality of service?

Download Your Guide

We understand the importance of finding the right caregiver for your family member. The questions included in this guide will help make this process as straightforward and informative as possible.

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