How To Prevent Falls In Seniors


As people age, the risk of falls increases due to factors such as decreased muscle strength, impaired balance and vision changes.

In this article, we will explore some of the best ways to prevent falls in seniors, allowing them to maintain their independence and stay safe.

Exercise regularly

Maintaining muscle strength and flexibility can become challenging for older adults. However, exercises can help maintain and improve these physical functions, making it an essential component of healthy aging for seniors.

Regular exercise can help seniors maintain and improve their muscle strength and flexibility, leading to improved balance, coordination and overall physical functioning. Therefore, seniors should incorporate exercise into their day-to-day routine in many ways, including walking or cycling, practicing exercises that improve balance, strength training and performing flexibility exercises like stretching or yoga.

Before beginning a new exercise regimen, they should consult with their health care professional to ensure they are performing activities that are safe and appropriate for their physical health. Starting with small, manageable goals is essential, so they can slowly rise to the occasion and not push themselves too hard. Exercise should be enjoyable, improve their quality of life and not cause pain or discomfort.

Get regular vision and hearing check-ups to ensure proper sensory function

With age, our senses may begin to decline, leading to difficulties in performing daily activities and impacting our quality of life. For seniors, maintaining proper sensory function and physical activity is essential to their overall health and well-being. Vision and hearing are two critical senses that may be affected by age-related changes, but fortunately, regular check-ups can help ensure proper sensory function.

Regular vision and hearing check-ups can help detect and treat conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and hearing lost, among others, that may impact seniors’ sensory abilities. Vision changes may cause difficulty in reading, recognizing faces, or driving, while hearing loss can impact communication, socialization and may lead to isolation and depression.

Seniors should have their hearing and vision checked at least once a year, and more often if they experience sudden changes or difficulties.

There are also steps that seniors can take to maintain their sensory function, including wearing proper eyewear or hearing aids if necessary, protecting their eyes and ears from damage, and avoiding exposure to loud noise or bright lights. Seniors should also maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating nutrient-rich foods and exercising to help prevent age-related changes that may impact their sensory abilities.

Wear properly fitted, slip-resistant shoes

Choosing the right footwear can significantly reduce the various risk factors of falls – and the injuries that can result – and help seniors maintain their independence. Properly fitted shoes can help seniors maintain their balance and stability, providing them with a firm grip on the ground. This is especially important for seniors with foot pain or existing medical conditions that may make them more susceptible to falls, which could result in broken bones.

The shoes should also have slip-resistant soles, providing traction and stability when walking on uneven surfaces or wet and slippery floors. The shoe’s design should have a wide base that can provide more stability while walking, and the sides should extend high enough to provide ankle support.

Each time they purchase new footwear, have their feet measured since the size and shape of feet can change over time. Seniors should also consider shopping for shoes later in the day when their feet may be swollen, ensuring the shoes fit properly even when the feet are at their largest size.

Remove tripping hazards such as rugs, clutter, and loose cords from the home

Removing tripping hazards such as rugs, clutter, and loose cords is a practical and effective way to prevent falls in seniors.

Secure rugs in place with slip-resistant padding. Seniors should also remove any unnecessary clutter to create space to walk around and avoid walking into obstacles. Relocating furniture to ensure there is plenty of space to move around, and pathways remain clear and unobstructed is also important.

Moreover, senior citizens should tuck away electrical cords out of sight or away from walkways; however, they can use cord organizers to keep them securely in place. Seniors should also use night lights in hallways, stairways and other areas that can be challenging to see, especially at night.

By making these simple modifications to the home environment, seniors can significantly reduce the risk of falls serious injury that can affect their quality of life. It is crucial to be proactive in your home modifications. Taking these steps can help ensure that the home is a safe space for seniors.

Install handrails and grab bars

Importance of Handrails and Grab Bars

Handrails and grab bars are essential for seniors who experience mobility issues, particularly when navigating stairs or entering or exiting the bathroom. By providing these support mechanisms, seniors can maintain their balance and remain stable on their feet, reducing their risk of falls.

Bathrooms, in particular, can be hazardous due to wet or slippery surfaces, particularly the floors and the area around the shower or bathtub. Having grab bars installed in these areas can make it easier for seniors to move around the bathroom, reducing the increased risk of falls while performing daily routine activities such as bathing, using the toilet or reaching bathroom cabinets.

Handrails on stairs can also make a significant difference in preventing falls, particularly if seniors have difficulty navigating steps. By holding onto a handrail, seniors can maintain their balance as they ascend or descend stairs, reducing the chances and risk of falling, tripping or falling.

Tips for Installation

Handrails and grab bars should be installed by a qualified professional to ensure they are secured correctly and can withstand the weight and movement of seniors. Handrails and grab bars should be anchored to the studs behind walls or ceilings to ensure maximum support.

Seniors should also choose handrails and grab bars that are easy to grip and designed for their specific needs. Grab bars should also be placed at a comfortable height to ensure they can be used safely.

Choosing Cherished Companions for Chagrin Falls In-Home Care to Prevent Falls in Seniors

As the population ages, more and more seniors are opting to remain in their homes instead of moving to a nursing or assisted living facility.

Why Choose Cherished Companions for Cleveland In-Home Care Services?

Cherished Companions provides highly individualized care services tailored to each client’s specific needs. Our Chagrin Falls caregivers are trained and experienced in providing a range of care services, including companion care, personal care, transportation assistance, medication reminders and more.

Our caregivers are committed to providing quality care, and we select only the most compassionate individuals who share our values. We know that trust is a crucial component of in-home care, and that’s why we conduct thorough background checks on all our caregivers and provide proper training.

At Cherished Companions, we are dedicated to providing affordable and flexible care services that allow seniors to maintain their independence and stay in their homes for as long as possible. We recognize that every client has unique needs, and we strive to offer tailored care services that meet those needs.

In-Home Care Services and Fall Prevention

Cherished Companions caregivers offer support and assistance that can help seniors maintain their balance and prevent falls. Our caregivers are trained in fall prevention techniques and can assist seniors in getting up or down from chairs, beds and other surfaces safely.

Caregivers can also assist in ensuring that the home environment is safe, and any tripping hazards like clutter, rugs and loose cords are removed. By providing assistance with tasks that pose a risk of falling, in-home care services can help seniors stay independent and in control of their lives.

Choosing Cherished Companions for Cleveland in-home care services means choosing a supportive and compassionate team of caregivers who are committed to each client’s well-being and disease control. By providing quality care services, we aim to improve the quality of life and prevent falls in seniors.

If you are concerned about your older adult family member, reach out to a health care provider and/or physical therapist for help. If you are interested to learn more about our services, contact us today.

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