Considering a Job With Cherished Companions? 3 Questions You May Be Asking


Considering a Job With Cherished Companions? 3 Questions You May Be Asking, Cherished CompanionsAre you considering a career as a caregiver with Cherished Companions? It takes a special kind of person to invest in caregiving, and we’re proud to partner with some of the best caregivers you’ll find anywhere. In fact, we’ve built our reputation on it. Our employees are like family to us, and they share our commitment to caregiving as a calling – not just a job. That’s because we believe excellent care starts with compassion. When we hire a caregiver, we look for a person who shares that same vision for cherishing people.

If that sounds like you, here are some questions you may be asking.

Is Caregiving Right for You?

Caregiving isn’t for everyone. It’s a unique environment where your clients may not always understand or appreciate what you do for them. You’ve got to do it for other reasons. At Cherished Companions, we believe strongly that caregiving is more than a career. It’s a calling. If you’re the kind of person who views caregiving as a way that you can help others, provide comfort for families, and make a difference, then you understand what it takes to be successful in this role.

Here are a few additional qualities that contribute to a rewarding career as a caregiver:

  • Compassion – Compassion is more than just putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. It also involves prioritizing positivity and kindness in your interactions. One of the most important things a caregiver provides their senior clients is companionship. Many caregivers build strong relationships with the people they serve, and that always starts with compassion.
  • Patience – Are you the kind of person who can move at someone else’s pace? Can you speak gently with a forgetful person who may ask the same question over and over? These qualities are essential for caregivers. Since you may be assisting someone who has mobility issues, dementia, or disabilities, you will need the ability to work patiently in a variety of settings without becoming easily frustrated.
  • Experience – Caregivers should be confident and intuitive in their decisions as they work with clients each day. This confidence most often comes from having experience caring for others. For example, if you have previously cared for an aging parent or a disabled family member or friend, you will be well-prepared for the responsibilities you’ll face as a caregiver.
  • Reward – Caregiving sometimes seems like a thankless job. Those who see the work of caring for others as its own reward often feel the most satisfied in their role.

What Is It Like to Work at Cherished Companions?

Considering a Job With Cherished Companions? 3 Questions You May Be Asking, Cherished CompanionsCherished Companions was built on a culture of cherishing people. Founder Douglas Wilbur recognized a need in the community for compassionate home care at outstanding value, so he put his 21 years of experience in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Division of Procter and Gamble to work. The result was a care agency that prioritizes compassionate care, enabling seniors to enjoy independence at home.

At the heart of that vision is a need for caregivers who share Doug’s commitment to quality care. That’s why we have intentionally built an agency that values and supports our caregivers. We want you to look forward to coming in for work each day, and that means you need to know we stand behind you. Here are some of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to every employee:

  • We take the time to make sure you’re a match. We want you to succeed. That’s why we take the time to make sure every caregiver is a good match for our agency in terms of personality traits, professional skills, and experience.
  • We are an award-winning employer. We care about our employees and it shows. We’re proud recipients of the Best of Home Care Employer of Choice, Leadership in Excellence, and Provider of Choice awards. In 2018 and 2019, we were named to Fortune Magazine’s list of Best Workplaces for Aging Services.
  • We care about your health and safety. One of the most important ways we show that we care for our employees and our clients is by taking steps to protect their health. We’ve established safety guidelines and protocols to help our caregivers take precautions in light of COVID-19, and we’ve put together a list of resources to demonstrate how we’re prioritizing your welfare.
  • We offer competitive benefits. As caregivers invest in caring for others, we believe they also deserve the very best care themselves. That’s why we offer outstanding health insurance and benefits for our employees.

What Do Other Caregivers Have to Say?

We’re proud of the culture we have created at Cherished Companions and of the way our caregivers feel about their jobs. Here’s what some of them have to say about working with us:

“Cherished Companions provide a good work environment and have professional people working for them. They take care of the employees and clients.” – Anita

“The whole staff is easy to work with and they know me well enough to know what I am looking for. They have done a good job of placing me with clients that I can work well with.” – Mary

“They keep you busy, there is never a lack for work.” – Michelle

Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you love the opportunities and rewards of caregiving and if you share our vision for compassionate home care, we would love to hear from you! Visit our careers page to apply online, or call us at 440-337-4755 to request a paper application.

If you have further questions, would like to request resources, or want to inquire about becoming or getting a caregiver, please contact Cherished Companions today!

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