What Makes Cherished Companions Different?


What Makes Cherished Companions Different?, Cherished CompanionsChoosing between different home care agencies isn’t always simple. Many agencies provide similar services. What makes the difference often isn’t the quantity of available services, but the quality of care an agency offers.

At Cherished Companions, we know the quality of care doesn’t just count. Ensuring your family member is receiving the best care possible from a compassionate caregiver is what matters most. That’s why we’re proud to be different from other agencies.

We Provide Award Winning Home Care

When your loved one’s safety, health, and well-being are entrusted to a caregiving agency, you want to be sure the agency and its caregivers are reliable and trustworthy. We know you can’t just take our word for it.

Instead, we show our credibility and demonstrate the quality of our care by submitting for review by the third party Home Care Pulse. The firm has awarded Cherished Companions with three awards in 2017. We have won:

  • Best of Home Care – Leader in Excellence
  • Best of Home Care – Provider of Choice
  • Best of Home Care – Employer of Choice

These awards validate that we excel in providing quality care, offering you and your family members peace of mind that our services and caregivers are serious about providing your loved one the best care possible.

Our Screening Process is Effective

In order to ensure that the caregivers our agency entrusts with your loved one’s care are top of the line, we have an in-depth screening process. Studies show that 55% of home care agencies’ screening processes included criminal background checks and just 27% relied on word-of-mouth referrals.

As part of our caregiver screening process, we require:

  • Multiple In-depth interviews
  • Interviews with the caregiver’s references
  • Extensive background checks
  • An outstanding reputation

Due to the depth of our screening process, we are confident in the quality of the care our caregivers provide. We are also licensed, bonded, and insured to protect our caregivers and families like yours.

What Makes Cherished Companions Different?, Cherished CompanionsWe Personally Match a Caregiver with Your Loved One

More than just completing tasks on a checklist, a caregiver’s job is to make your family member’s home life enjoyable, comfortable, and safe. Completing some of those goals depends on the interactions between a caregiver and your loved one. As a result, personality matters. Your loved one should be supported by a caregiver he or she personally trusts and is willing to rely on.

To create a positive home care experience for your family member, we will personally match a caregiver with your loved one. We will select a caregiver who is qualified and experienced in meeting the specific needs of your family member, as well as any personal preferences we can accommodate.

We Work With You to Determine Needs and Create Affordable Opportunities

The reason we stand out from many other home care agencies is because we don’t believe in the one-size fits all approach. Our goal of providing quality care personalized to meet your family’s needs means that we want to work with you.

We know one of your concerns may be the cost of home care. There are several options for paying for home care, many of which can make the possibility more affordable. We would love to discuss the Cherished Companions difference with you and tell you about financial options.

View our free guide on Choosing the Right Care Agency and contact us here.



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