Cherished Companions Awarded 2024 Best of Home Care – Leader in Experience

by | Mar 7, 2024

Home Care Pulse (HCP), a premier firm that specializes in experience management for post-acute care, recently announced Cherished Companions as a winner of its 2024 Best of Home Care – Leader in Experience Award. This prestigious honor is the pinnacle of recognition bestowed by HCP and is exclusively conferred upon exceptional home care enterprises that consistently excel across 10 or more quality metrics. As a distinguished Leader in Experience, Cherished Companions now stands prominently among the elite 10% of home care providers enrolled in HCP’s nationwide Experience Management Program.

Methodology to Best of Home Care® – Leader in Experience

In order to meet the criteria for this esteemed award, HCP conducted monthly interviews with a representative sample comprising 10% of Cherished Companions’ clients and caregivers. Over the course of 12 months, Cherished Companions garnered consistently high ratings for client and caregiver satisfaction in critical areas, including caregiver training, compassion, communication, scheduling, client/caregiver compatibility and more. Leveraging insight gleaned from client and staff feedback, the management team at Cherished Companions diligently pursued its goal of achieving the zenith of excellence in Experience.

The Best of Home Care – Leader in Experience Award showcases the cream of the crop among home care businesses nationwide. According to HCP, this recognition serves as a beacon for families seeking in-home care for their loved ones, helping them identify and select a reliable home care provider with confidence.

Cleveland, Ohio In-Home Care Services with Cherished Companions

For numerous older adults, undergoing surgery is merely the initial hurdle in the journey toward recovery. The recuperation process is often long and demanding. In certain cases, especially for seniors, it is not feasible or advisable to reside independently at home for several weeks or even months following the operation. Nonetheless, the desire to return home following a hospital discharge remains strong for most individuals.

Post-surgery rehabilitation services provided can be either around-the-clock or as-needed in-home care service, allowing patients to recuperate within the familiar surroundings of their own home. This tailored care approach facilitates a smoother recovery process and promotes comfort and convenience.

Some of the beneficial post-surgery care activities include:

Personal care services

During the recovery period post-surgery, executing certain movements or managing daily tasks may pose a challenge. Many people encounter difficulties with basic health care tasks, such as bathing, particularly due to post-surgical scars. Likewise, tasks like ascending stairs or rising from a seated position might be temporarily arduous. In such instances, professional caregivers can provide valuable assistance.

Homemaking services

After surgery, self-care to facilitate a speedy and thorough recovery should be one’s primary focus. A caregiver can provide homemaking services, like light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation and basic chores to make sure that those who live independently post-surgery have their home and basic needs taken care of.


During the surgery recovery period, driving restrictions are standard, posing challenges in reaching important destinations. Our caregivers can step in and provide non-medical care by providing transportation to go grocery shopping, visit specialized care, collect medications at the pharmacy and so forth, ensuring a safe, convenient and comfortable ride when needed.


The prospect of being alone at home during the recovery phase after surgery presents clear risks, particularly if medication is required. A caregiver can play a crucial role in overseeing medications, providing medication reminders, ensuring proper food intake and offering additional support. Acting as an extra set of eyes, they are vigilant for any potential complications that may arise. Moreover, a caregiver can alleviate the stress of loneliness or isolation and provide emotional support that may aid in the healing process and help them live safely at home.

Choose Cherished Companions for Post-Acute Care in Chagrin Falls

Opting for Cherished Companions as your in home care Chagrin Falls provider reflects a choice grounded in reliability, compassion and expertise. With our team of professional caregivers, we’re dedicated to providing your loved one with exceptional care personalized to their specific needs.

Our focus on holistic well-being, combined with our reputation for excellence, positions us as a dependable partner in facilitating a smooth and successful recovery for individuals within the familiarity of their own homes. Reach out to us today for further details.

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