Caregiver Health: Get Refreshed with These Activities in Solon, Ohio


Caregiver Health: Get Refreshed with These Activities in Solon, Ohio, Cherished CompanionsIt’s too easy to get caught up in routine and wear yourself down, especially when you spend so much time taking care of everyone else. Don’t overlook the importance of caregiver health, though. Taking the time and making the effort to take care of yourself is essential if you’re going to continue to support others effectively.

Rather than add to your stress by traveling far, find ways to destress and get refreshed locally. Use these suggestions to create a routine that suits your style and helps you enjoy a healthier, more relaxed lifestyle.

Refreshing Solon Activities

Solon is all about community. Annual contests, local sports leagues, and plenty of events make the city a great place to call home. Find out what the next local activity is by checking in on the Citywide Activity Guide.

Visit One of Many Local Parks

There are several park options for those who want to get out and enjoy nature in Solon. Check out:

Community Park.  A complete recreation area, Community Park offers amenities like outdoor tennis courts, baseball fields, and even a pavilion that can be rented out. Host an event there or get in the habit of attending local games and fuel up at the concession stand.

Timberlake Park.  More private and outdoorsy, Timberlake Park boasts a 4 acre lake you can fish in or hike around to enjoy gorgeous, relaxing scenery. There are also pavilions to rent, playgrounds, and other areas perfect for enjoying with family and friends. 

Woods Basketball Courts.  Blow off steam as you shoot hoops in a beautiful wooded setting. These basketball courts are located off the Portz Parkway parking lot.

Portz Trail.  Go for a stroll along the Portz Parkway trail to get your cardio workout in. Stop off at one of the four fitness structures for a little extra exercise if you’d prefer a little more energized fun.

Check Out a Relaxing Spa

Don’t be fooled into thinking relaxation has to be expensive. In Solon, popular spas often list deals on sites like Groupon. Find a discount package to get a little pampering for less.

Access the affordable activities at your local Senior Center

Senior Centers can be a great place to meet friends and participate in activities. The Solon Senior Center features two facilities that include meeting spaces, exercise facilities, indoor and outdoor pool, gym, outdoor sports courts, walking path and a grill.  

Participate in a Wellness Program

Exercise is a natural stress reducer. It’s also important for staying healthy so that you can help the people around you stay healthy too. Solon is home to many different gyms, each with its own amenities. Find one with a pool if you love to swim or consider a facility with fun fitness classes if you prefer to socialize while you stretch it out.

You might also enjoy a more creative form of exercise like dance. There are plenty of opportunities to participate in adult dance classes like ballroom, swing, or even belly dancing. Use a site like Thumbtack to locate the best option for your preferences. Solon Center for the Arts also offers dance classes.

Enjoy Quality Meal Time with Loved Ones

Take a break from caring and cooking for everyone else. Enjoy a night on the town at one of Solon’s many restaurants. You can find a variety of ethnic and American foods options as well as restaurants that cater to specific dietary needs.

Browse Quaint Locales

Finish off a night of fine cuisine, a day at the park, or a week of being stuck inside because of the snow with a classic Solon activity: shopping. In a news article Peggy Weil Dorfman, the economic director for Solon, says that Solon Village is the most popular shopping center, but that many others are close competition.

Make Health a Habit

As you check out these local haunts and favorite activities, pull out your calendar. Schedule a few days of fun or develop a habit of participating in activities like these. Your health will benefit, and so will those you work hard to caregive for.

Learn more about what caregiving takes and how to provide care well.

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