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We are proud to announce that Cherished Companions Home Care Agency has earned the Home Care Pulse 2017 Leader in Excellence, Provider of Choice, and Employer of Choice awards.

Award Winning Home Care, Cherished Companions

Of these prestigious awards, the Leader in Excellence award is the most outstanding. An agency only qualifies as a Leader in Excellence if they have been certified as a Trusted Provider for 12 consecutive months and who surpassed peer organizations in most measured categories of both client and employee satisfaction.  . The award is only granted to those who truly set the bar for excellence nationwide. Only 73 providers across the country were granted this award for 2017.  The agency also must have earned the Provider of Choice and Employer of Choice awards for the year.

We are honored to receive these awards and want to help explain how home care awards work. We hope the explanation will not only demonstrate our commitment to quality but also help shed light on how award winning home care can help you choose the right agency for your loved one.

The Importance of Home Care Agency Awards

You may be familiar with regional or local awards for restaurants, small businesses, and more. Home care agencies can also receive awards for factors like safety, excellence, trustworthiness in their community and even how they are as an employer. Legitimate awards can give you verified insight into the quality of a home care agency.

When considering home care options, consider if agencies have received a leadership award. To appreciate  what the award means for the agency, understand:

Who Provides Valid Home Care Awards

Some agencies may be eligible for small business awards depending on their local area. Many agencies seek awards from third-party firms with knowledge specific to the home care industry.

Home Care Pulse, for example, is the home care industry’s leading satisfaction management firm. As a third-party source, a firm like Home Care Pulse does not have a conflict of interest in evaluating awarding agencies. The firm exists to maintain a high-quality standard for the home care industry.

By providing resources, accountability, feedback, and awards to qualified agencies, Home Care Pulse elevates the industry expectations for businesses. Awards certify the credibility and quality of agencies. The firm’s awards also help individuals like you find reliable home care for loved ones.

How the Agency Qualifies for Consideration

Before ever being considered for a home care award, an agency should be verified as a trusted provider. Satisfaction research firms often conduct in-depth interviews with agencies, as well as background research, to verify that home care agencies are up to industry standards. Once earning the designation of trusted provider, home care agencies typically have to renew their certification and maintain it for a period of time before qualifying for any awards.

The Qualifications Met to Receive Awards

When receiving an award from a credible firm like Home Care Pulse, an agency must meet certain qualifications. Each type of award has its own qualification standards and categories. These qualifications are often similar to what you are looking for in an agency.

For example, you want your loved one to receive care from qualified and satisfied caregivers. In order for an agency to be awarded Home Care Pulse’s Employer of Choice award, the agency allows the research firm to interview at least 10% of their caregivers each month.

As another example, you may want to know which companies are considered the best of the best in the nation in attaining high satisfaction scores with both clients and caregivers. The coveted Leader in Excellence Award is granted to less than 5% of all participating agencies and has the most stringent qualifying criteria of all granted awards.

Through these interviews, the research firm determines whether or not the agency’s caregivers regard the agency as a high-quality employer. In essence, the award certifies that Home Care Pulse did your research for you and found that an agency’s employees are likely to be qualified, satisfied workers. In our other example, Home Care Pulse has done the work in helping you get past marketing to determine who really is the most outstanding agency to choose to care for your loved one.

What Different Awards Verify

Several types of awards can be earned by home care agencies. Home Care Pulse offers annual awards such as:

  • Best of Home Care – Leader in Excellence
  • Best of Home Care – Provider of Choice
  • Best of Home Care – Employer of Choice awards

Learn more about home care, providing agencies, and helping your loved one enjoy their next season of life in the comfort of their own home. Download this free guide.

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